Skillz – Thoughts Become Things (Copertă/Tracklist)

Pe data de 26 decembrie Skillz va lansa ultimul său album, Thoughts Become Things, în cadrul căria îi vom găsi pe Joe Tann, Carmael, Planet IV, Ayah.


1. Intro (Hard To Be Me)
2. So High
3. Bring The Sparklers Out
4. Love N Hip Hop (feat. Joe Tann)
5. Ignorant Levels
6. Maybe I Dont Know Her At All
7. Y.A.R.D.T.S
8. With You feat. Eric Penn
9. Tryin To Get By (feat. Carmael)
10. Zero F’s (feat. Planet IV)
11. I’m Outchea
12 Thoughts Become Things (feat Ayah)
13. 2012 Rap Up


Autor: Florin Dumitru

Florin Dumitru
Owner / Project Manager

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