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Pentru a nu altera calitatea interviului, am ales să-l publicăm în original – adică in limba engleză. Mulțumim lui Ștefan Pană pentru implicarea lui în realizarea acestuia.

HHNews.RO: First of all, thank you for accepting our request for this interview, knowing how busy you are these days. You are a new comer, but known all around the world, but for those who don’t know you yet: please do tell us, who is Dynasty? What are your roots?


I’m a hip-hop/soul artist, a crowd mover, a stage rocker… I emcee. =) I am from Queens, NYC but now I live in warm, sunny Tampa, FL.

HHNews.RO: What are your thoughts regarding the state of rap music these days? Do you think it is going in the right direction?


Like Mighty Mos aka Yasin Bey said,” hip hop is goin’ wherever we’re goin”. That’s real. Look at the current state of the world and the current state of most music that gets promoted. There’s a lot of bad going around… but at the same time, there’s a lot of good and I feel that there is an initiative to get back to when you could really feel hip-hop. It doesn’t all have to be “feel good” music but it should make you feel something. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes you just wanna party.. you don’t care too much about lyrics and all that. I’m just saying there just needs to be a better balance.

HHNews.RO: Why do you think Dj Premier isn’t featured so much on the mainstream radio and tv stations? U broke out through the record u made with him? How it came about?


The mainstream radio and tv has a set, fixed idea of what’s “hot” and that’s all they play over and over again… the same five artists…saying the same things. They found a formula that makes money and they’re sticking with it. I got to work with the legendary DJ Premier because my DJ sent him my song Femcee and he like it. He put it on a mixtape and took it around the world. Then I got to meet him at an event and he gave me the track, Epic Dynasty, which he went on to put on his album “Get Used To Us”. I’m definitely grateful for that opportunity and for his support and belief in what I’m doing.

HHNews.RO: U are going to embark on a tour. Wich countries do you gonna perform in? Is it only the US? How big it’s gonna be? What are your expectations?


Yes! The Tour will be in Germany with one stop in Austria. When I come off of that tour, I will release my new CD and have a big show/party back in the US. I am hoping to plan a US tour very soon!

HHNews.RO: Is there any Dynasty album to look out for? Tell us more. What is the main theme? What is the movie behind the tracks?


Yes. Very soon! =) Sometime in June. The next album is like Dreampusher meets The Love EP. Those were my first two projects. I call it hip hop/soul. It’s very well rounded. You have bangers on there like Stay shinin’ with Talib Kweli then you have smooth reflective type joints as well.

HHNews.RO: What is Dynasty like in her everyday life? Does she have a husband? Kids? How much time you dedicate to music?


Ahhh my everyday life. =) I’m just a regular chill girl in my everyday life. I like to chill at home, listen to soul music and eat a lot of good food. LoL. I’m not married and I don’t have any kids…but I want a nice family one day! For now, my baby is my music!! I dedicate a LOT of time to it and I have to nurture my career like a child. I have to make sure that the people around me have it’s best interest in mind, just like a child. It is my number one priority in life right now, to see my dreams come true…living off of music and the arts.

HHNews.RO: We know you are bound to work with a lot of big artists. Please tell us your favourite collaborations (past, present).


I loved collaborating with everyone I have worked with but my fav is going to be Talib Kweli. He is one of my top three fav artists ever. So it was truly an honor and a privilege.

HHNews.RO: Thank you once again for having us. It is a real honor having you do an interview for our site. In the end please give a message for you Romanian fans and the HipHopNews.RO readers.


Thank you! I appreciate your time; it’s my pleasure to speak with you! To all my Romanian peeps, thank you for the continued support. I can’t wait to visit and perform and hang with you all! Oh, and I can’t wait to try some good Romanian food! 😉 Much love!

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