Cutz & Vibez | Romania Special – TRU:L | EnerGIA | DeeDee | Kent Archie | MC Chriss Casper

All the way from Bucharest, Romania, Ms TRU:L comes through with her crew & brings more then a 3 course meal to the table. Alongside EnerGIA, DeeDee, Kent Archie, & MC Chriss Casper, the crew brings the heat! Perfect for a cold a$$ night here in Seattle! „So whats Smooth, Hard, & Funky at the same time?… The Romania Crew!” BIGS UPs yall! Much Respect… ~MR VIBE

| EnerGIA | She is currently working on her first Hip Hop studio album and is debuting in the Drum’n’Bass scene with this hot mix hosted by her home girl Miss Tru:L

| DeeDee | Her soulful voice accompanies Miss Tru:L’s musical selections in perfect harmony and go perfectly with any smooth mixes

| Kent Archie | Was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio, and now lives and pursuits a music career in Bucharest. One of the few Romania-based American MC who raps over such a mix, also making his debut in DnB with the Cutz n Vibez Romanian special.

| MC Chriss Casper | Both a passionate rapper, but also a keen business man, MC Chriss Casper is also the owner of BAS, the studio which hosted the recording of the Romanian Special Cutz n Vibez mix.

Played on the 18th of December 2013 21 GMT+2 on

Autor: Florin Dumitru

Owner / Project Manager

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